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Fishing Tips
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Lure Suggestions Bluegill: 1/32 size in Fish-N-Spin with the tube or spider bodies. Dark colors, such as black/chartreuse sparkle, black/clear and electric blue are good. For dirty water, try black/firetail with a copper blade. Crappie: Any size with bright colors. Black/chartreuse, chartreuse, red/clear sparkle, blue/clear sparkle are all good colors. Use colors with clear sparkle legs in clearer water, solid colors with chartreuse in stained water. Crappie are not usually fond of dirty water. Bass: Any size will work on bass, and they will hit about any color that bluegill or crappie will. Base your colors on water clarity-clearer water, clearer lures. Size the lure according to the time of the year (small early, larger later, then back to small in the fall).

Fish it slow! Whether you are fishing a Fish-N-Spin™ or a Fish-N-Craw™, fish it SLOW--turn the handle as slow as you can stand it. Granted, if you are fishing around heavy cover, you sometimes have to reel a little faster to keep from getting hung up. But a basic rule of thumb is to cast the lure out, let it sink to the desired depth, and then reel it as slow as you can. Be sure to keep the rod tip high as you retrieve.

Popping Technique When the fish want something different, try this. Reel the lure at a steady pace, then every five (5) seconds or so, softly "pop" your wrist up toward your stomach. Then immediately let your hand return to the original position. This makes the lure jump as it is being retrieved through the water, and when the lure falls back to the original level, fish will often hit. Again--watch for the hit as the lure falls back down. This is a good time to be a line watcher, as some hits will be hard to detect, especially for crappie.

Tackle Suggestions Use a good quality graphite ultralight or light action rod, your choice of spinning or casting. You will not believe the difference a good rod can make in detecting strikes! Use a good quality line, like Berkley Trilene XL in 4 lb. or 6 lb. test, or try Berkley FireLine in 6 lb. test. It is very sensitive, works well even on spinning reels, and is almost zero stretch. It is expensive, but is worth it. You will need a pair of Braid Blades, made by Culprit, to cut FireLine. Be sure to properly set your drag. With a Fish-N-Spin™, you have a chance of tangling with large fish. My biggest bass (thank the Good Lord) was a 6 lb., 12 ounce fish ‚ and I lost one that same day that may have went 8 lbs. ‚ on the Fish-N-Spin™! Pull your drag out by hand, and if it does not pull off fairly easy, it may be too tight. A good drag is essential to landing big fish on light tackle. Graphite is a good way to keep the "innerds" of your reels operating smoothly.

The Palomar Knot We recommend that you tie directly to our lures, and please don't use swivels! We have used the Palomar knot for many, many years, it works great, has a knot strength which is right at 100%, it works great with our lures, and best of all, it's easy to tie! Click here for an illustration on how to tie thisHow to tie a Palomar knot knot, provided by Dan Schlosser, Owner & Editor of Fish 4 Fun. Also, check out his website at

Pendulum Retrieve When the fishing is really slow, like during the fall turnover, try this: Position your boat in 12'-15' of water. Cast toward the shore, then let the lure sink for 8-10 seconds. Then engage your spool on the reel, raise your rod to an 11 o'clock position, and let the lure drop "pendulum-style" back toward the boat. Hits on this method will usually be very light, as this is used for very finicky fish!

Give them some dessert A lot of people like to use scents, and they definitely do not hurt anything. However, a lot of people that use the Fish-N-Spin™like to tip it with a beemoth (or waxworm). Some people have even used the Fish-N-Spin™through the ice to catch fish when fished this way, while others fish deep creek channels using the same method. You have to wait a while until it hits bottom, but it usually produces good results, if you just have some patience!

Take Time to Enjoy God's Great Outdoors ... Take time to enjoy the beauty that the Lord has created ‚ enjoy the time you get with family and friends. Enjoy the outdoor experience. You don't have to catch a lot of fish to have fun. You should catch a lot with our lures, but every once in a while, even they may not produce like the really, really good days. But enjoy each trip like it may be your last, and treasure every moment.